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I have been committed and dedicated to providing a quality childcare/preschool program for young children since I began my career in Early Childhood Education in September 1980 with over 34 years experience in caring and educating children. We provide parents with peace of mind and confidence that their children will be nurtured and given opportunities to grow and develop through a balance of learning and fun.

Mission Statement: Our philosophy at Tender Loving Learning Center is to provide your child with a safe, warm and developmentally appropriate environment to enhance the social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth of your little ones.
Testimonials: Educating and Caring for your children since 1992
  • December, 2010 | John Robertson
    Tender Loving Learning Center was a great place for my son to prepare for Kindergarten. He came home repeating things he learned and the structured environment was exactly what he needed before going on to elementary school. He is now excelling in Kindergarten. There is no better curriculum and the owner has genuine concern for my kids. The name Tender Loving Learning Center says it all.

  • March 2009 | The English Family
    My daughter Arianna is 4 years old and has been attending Tender Loving Learning Center for 6 months now. When we were initially looking for placement for the last of our 3 daughters (our baby), we wanted a structured learning environment with a home like setting. We previously had her in a home daycare, that also had a pre-school curriculum included, but nothing in comparison to the learning opportunity that TLLC has offered to her. We were pleased to have found TLLC has all our needs incorporated into one place. TLLC has exceeded our expectations, and as a result so has our daughter.
    I am certain that she has all her academic needs met to ensure a successful in Kindergarten and grades to follow. The staff is ALL wonderful, knowledgeable, and caring.
    They really maintain a warm learning environment for all the kids of different ages and needs. Nichole is efficient and accommodates the specific needs of each family. Thank you TLLC for all that you have done for our daughter and our family! The reward of your program is sure to be remembered for years to come!

  • Angie Utley
    Before my 5 year old son started pre-school at Tender Loving Learning Center, he was very shy and wasn't really interested in sitting still long enough to learn something. I really wanted to find a place where he could go a few hours a day to be around other children his age, burn off some of his energy and actually learn. A friend of mine told me about TLLC, so I went on their website, looked at all the pictures of the children with huge smiles on their faces, and read about all the things they teach the kids. I was very impressed. My husband, myself and my son visited the pre-school and absolutely fell in love with the director/teacher Ms. Nichole. She has been doing this for many years, she has a son of her own (who's grown now) and she really made us feel comfortable with leaving our child there. The first day my son attended this pre-school he learned how to write his first name! I was jumping for joy. He had a wonderful day, and very nutritious lunch and couldn't wait to go back. Since then he has learned so much and I am so confident that he will do great in kindergarten. I have, and will continue to tell everyone I know and meet about how great Tender Loving Learning Center is.

  • Margaret Back
    I cannot believe that Morgan has been at TLLC for 3 years this month. She started at 2 and has grown tremendously. Now, in a few months she will be off to kindergarten. Time flies!
    I want to thank you and your staff for all that you have done for Morgan. She has made so many good friends at TLLC and has learned so much.
    I realized early on that she was not only learning her ABCs and 1,2,3's but you guys also do a tremendous job teaching social skills. How to share, how to interact with others (children and adults) etc. Also, how to be in a classroom environment and function within a structured class - something that will make the transition to kindergarten extremely easy.
    You re-inforce the same values and concepts that I am trying to teach her at home - to be a self reliant, confident and independent child. I also think that you guys taught her how to tie her shoes because she ties them a little bit differently that I do :-). Thanks, because I was running out of patience with her on that one.
    I always knew she was in a safe environment while I worked and that meant a lot to me. I have decided to put her in a private school for kindergarten and her last day will be Aug 8th. Maybe we can have a special going away party. I actually do have a problem though. When I visited the school in April and saw the curriculum for that month I realized she already does that at your school now. And April is more than 1/2 way through the kindergarten year! You have definately prepared her. I just hope she isn't too bored in kindergarten though!
    Thanks again,

  • Alicia
    We initially made the decicion to have our daughter Alicia attend pre-school to enable her socialize with other children her age. We have been very happy with this decision as we have seen this and other benefits from her experience. She has not only gained new social skills but we have noticed she has improved in her communication and in her knowledge of letters, sounds, and numbers and many other areas as well. She is now more comfortable with other people and we believe much more comfortable with other children compared with before.
    The initial choice seemed hard in the beginning but in the end we are thankful that she was able to attend this pre-school and believe it has helped our daughter in many ways.

  • Ryan and Breanne
    My son Ryan and daughter Breanne have gone to Tender Loving Learning Center- Preschool since they were both 2 years old. Ryan is now 12 and Breanne is 6 years old. Nichole, the owner/director is a very responsible and trustworthy person. When I first left my son at Nichole's preschool I felt so at ease. She is the best person I could have left him with. I had a wonderful feeling about her. Her passion for children made me feel very comfortable leaving him in her hands. Her preschool program gets the children ready for kindergarten. They used to always come home with several learning projects daily. My kids have learned a great deal from Tender Loving Learning Center - Preschool. My son is a straight A student and my daughter is also doing quite well in the first grade. In all the years that my kids went to Nichole's preschool, I always felt they were in great hands. Both my kids still ask to go to visit her!

  • Dean and Joyce Patrocinio
    We learned about TLLC through a friend, so my husband and I decided to check out the website and also visit the school. We were very impressed when we first met Ms. Nichole Ramoy. She just had a very comforting voice and a motherly demeanor that made us feel at ease from the very start. She showed us the school's set up- from the play area to the different student projects posted on the walls. My husband and I knew from that first meeting and visit that TLLC was where we wanted our son Bryce to attend pre-school.
    Bryce's pre-school experience at TLLC was both productive and positive. Although he knew a lot coming in, we felt that he still needed to learn other things such as memorizing my husband's phone number at work and mine as well. He also learned fitness when Ms. Nichole would bring in someone on Thursdays to teach them healthy eating and fitness. Bryce's time at TLLC also developed his social skills. He's not at all shy before we enrolled him, but he did have some apprehension when interacting with "bigger" kids. He got over that really quick at TLLC. TLLC also had an incredible staff who were very caring and attentive teachers such as Ms. Megan and Ms. Bernie. Bryce spoke volumes about them, specially when he would get a prize from the "Treasure Box"--another TLLC technique in reinforcing positive behavior and rewarding the childrens' achievements.
    To this day, my husband and I continue to be impressed with TLLC. We believe that TLLC has prepared our son for the next stage in his academic and social development. So much so, that we've already decided that once our daughter has reached pre-school age, that she too will attend TLLC.

  • May 2009 | Mindy Garcia
    I cant say enough about the wonderful teachers at TLLC.I had checked out about 7 other preschools before enrolling him at TLLC I knew instinctively this was the best one.Jordan was there almost a year and I couldnt believe how much he learned every day he would come home excited to tell me all the wonderful things he did.The teachers did a wonderful job setting him up for success .Besides the nutritious lunch he also learned spanish this is a good preschool and I highly recommend it.

  • July 2009 | Ryder's Family
    Ryder has been attending Tender Loving Learning Center for over a year now and her transformation is nothing short of incredible. Not only has she developed reading and writing skills, she learned basic Spanish and sign language too. Additionally, the computer lab has opened a whole new world for Ryder.
    If you are looking for something more than just a “preschool”, this is definitely the place. The class adheres to a structured lesson plan. The children learn social skills, cognitive skills and are groomed for Kindergarten from the first day. The child to teacher ratio is very low which really shows in the quality of Ryder’s work product.
    I love dropping my daughter off at school and looking at the wonderful vegetable garden that the children planted and tend. I look forward to picking her up to see the endless number of completed projects she brings home each day. I am especially happy that my daughter can tell me all the food groups represented in the healthy lunch provided by the school and that she is learning about the importance of physical fitness.
    I am very appreciative of the time and attention that Nichole and the teachers at Tender Loving Learning Center of given Ryder—I have no reservations about her starting kindergarten in the fall. This really is a top rate program that still manages to feel like a family affair.

  • July 2009 | Kimberly and Christian Vazquez
    Sending our daughter to Tender Loving Learning Center has been one of the best decisions we have made for her. After sending her to other day cares and learning centers, we realized we had never had an experience like at TLLC, and never before has our daughter been so happy to go to school. The combination of the exceptional teaching staff and curriculum really has produced results. Our 3 year old comes home with learning activities and projects everyday that she is excited to share with us. She sings new songs, teaches us new games daily, has improved on her cooperation and group skills, can now write all of her letters, knows how to spell several words, and even knows words in Spanish and her letters in Sign Language! It is so wonderful to watch her grow and become such an intelligent and fun little lady, and TLLC has definitely played a part in this development. As a parent, finding a Pre School you can bring your child to and feel comfortable with them being there for the day is one of the best feelings, and we have found that at TLLC. Thank you to Nichole and her wonderful teachers!
Children in our preschool program not only learn how to work in large groups, they also enjoy the benefit of our small child/teacher ratio of 1 teacher to 6 children which enables them to get a great deal of one on one attention. 

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